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James has his birthday today

Just wanted to make small sign our lovely never-became-old boy's birthday. Love You James and hope you will share your cheerfullness with us many more years

'JAMES' was 2 years on this picture

How he came to us

We picked a female from Royal Court kennel from an other litter, she was Judy - Royal Court Judy of SerendipityStaff (left side on the picture). Judy just arrive to us and got an email from Diane&Ken GUILMETTE that they sell this black boy with white markings. I fall in love from the first moment. His father at that time was just a future hope young male 'BRODY'- Fraja NE Gold Ticket and he was one of my actual favourite young boy at US.

James just arrived to Europe and just met with Judy.

Royal Courts Gold Heritage

He was just some litters father but time by time he gave something more, something special to us and/or to Breeders who use him. It would nice to see his heritage so please share with us picture(s) of your dog(s) if you can see James on their pedigree as a father, grandfather, or great-grandfather...

2 cuties from latest puppies sired by James just last year.

-Old man isn't it?! :)

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