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Letter for my beloved James

First of all I would like to wish you a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY James!

Your body said some months ago you must to go to over the rainbow before we could celebrate your 13th birthday…I believe you run freely there and you are the fastest dog what that prairie ever see.

Today I am little bit strange… I miss you…

Dear James we do not speak about what you took in the breed, what is your heritage.

You were father only 6 times but your childrens took you a higher level. Some of them became perfect family members and living as a real lovin’ pets. Some of them became champions and interchampions. Speciality winners, BIS winners, BISS winners.

Your grandchildrens also became succesfull amstaffs.

…and now your heritage in more than 410 amstaffs in different countries…You can proud James you were a perfect pet, perfect amstaff, and a good producer to me…

Thank you James and Happy BDay there…run freely and gave hugs to our others there.

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