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Homecoming (from USA) 3: Orion finally attended to us.

When we chose our kennel name we believed that for breeding purebred dogs you need love the breed, you need learn a lot about your breed, so yu need knowledge about the breed, you need to learn to live together many dogs and keep the balance.... and you need some serendipity. So we picked this name to our kennel.

Time by time we got serendipity. This Spring we got a call from Jenny & Bryon and they told that they give us the possibility to pick a puppy from their litter (mother is our bred female Odessa). It was a really big suprise for us and we didn't plan any new dog at our home. But finally we fall in love this small boy and hope we will walk together for many years.

"Orion" - Serendipity's Great Hunter from ROK (imp.USA)

He has excellent pedigree (click here to check), his father Striker is a succesfull show dog and his grandfather (from father's side) is the historymaker number 1 amstaff Louie.

Linebreeding in 5 generation:

4-5: R-U Marcella Marceau

5-4: BIS BISS CH. Fraja EC Golden Boy

4-5: BIS, BISS, IntCH Fraja EC Gold Standard

5-5,5: BIS BISS CH Benmar's Macho of Roadhouse

Thank you here also Jenny and Bryon (River Oaks kennel) for your friendship.

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