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10 facts why you share your life with an Amstaff

Updated: Jul 9, 2018


Nr.1 You will never boring with a dog who has a bulldog's hardver with a terrier software.

Nr.2 You will use the cheapest toy - a wood stick - or the most expensive toy - if you not use wood stick - with your amstaff.

Nr.3 Dog people say "Best Friend for an Amstaff is another Amstaff!" But your pet's BFF is You so You become an Amstaff too.

Nr.4 Live with an Amstaff and You won't be the best host anymore.

Nr.5 Walk with an Amstaff andYou learn that Chihuahuas the most dangerous dogs all over the world.

Nr.6 You can see day-by-day the Oscar goes to dogface -"I don't know how it happened!" and - "No, It wasn't me!"

Nr.7 Forget the hidden fart with an Amstaff!

Nr.8 If an Amstaff wants something he will get. (Not only get BUT You are wrong! It was originally his! - addition Orsolya Gulyás)

Nr.9 Amstaffs owners are PITBULLS! (Do not say any bad words their dogs!)

Nr.10 Some of other dog owners sometimes go to Hard Dog Race events. Bull type dog owners doing Hard Dog Race every daily walk.

+1 The Breeder never speak the holes on their yard to you. The holes made by angels!.....Your Angel's Angel parent(s), aunt(s), grandparent(s)...

If You live with one or more Amtaff(s) be proud,

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